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Living with Motion Sickness: How to Manage It

Living with Motion Sickness: How to Manage It

A lot of people experience motion sickness when they are traveling, making them experience nausea, and even vomiting during or after the ride. This includes patients who need to visit their doctor through NEMT transportation for consultation, preventive care, and treatment.

If you know that you have motion sickness, it’s important to plan your trip. For instance, if you need to book an ambulette service in Massachusetts for your doctor’s appointment, it’s necessary that you take your motion sickness medication first and avoid eating heavy meals. This way, you can avoid feeling nauseous during your ride. It helps if you take your medication 30 minutes to 1 hour before your ride arrives.

Living with motion sickness can be a real pain. It can be an unpleasant experience for you to be traveling somewhere and then experience dizziness. However, if you already notice a pattern on when your motion sickness will be triggered, like if you’re sitting on a specific position or seat, then you can find ways to manage it. For instance, you can change how and where you sit.

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