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NEMT Impacts the Patient and Healthcare System

 NEMT Impacts the Patient and Healthcare System

While some patients in Massachusetts rely on sparse bus lines or van service to visit their healthcare provider, others resort to walking. At times, they arrive late for their appointment or cancel it altogether. Because transportation can sometimes be an issue to access healthcare, life can be hard for these patients who need medical assistance.

Fortunately, NEMT transportation has developed into a remarkable system that has helped many sick, disabled, and elderly patients reach care on a timely basis. Not only that, but it also brought efficiency and convenience for health care providers; care professionals will be able to examine and treat patients on time before the symptoms worsen.

Without NEMT or ambulette service in Massachusetts, there can be an increasing number of patients in the hospitals due to them having missed their doctor’s appointments often. On top of that, medical facilities may also have a hard time keeping up with the growing demand.

Trinity Transport LLC recognizes the transportation hurdle that surrounds a patient’s life. Because we understand how imperative it is for someone to have access to their healthcare and medical needs, we provide non-emergency medical transportation services in Worcester, Massachusetts. For inquiries, please contact us today!

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